How to Boost a Post on Facebook

If you’re responsible for running a brand’s online presence, you already know that organic reach on Facebook is lower than it has ever been before.  Creating great content is a key, but what do you do when your target audience can’t see it?  One way to get in front of this problem is by boosting posts on Facebook.

There are a couple of key benefits to boosting posts on Facebook.  It’s a cost-effective way to test the waters with social advertising and expand your audience and reach.

Reach Your Existing Audience

One of the key benefits, especially for brands struggling with organic reach, to boosting posts on Facebook is the ability to get in front of your existing fans.  Facebook’s algorithm does all kinds of work behind the scenes to decide what content to show to which person at any given time.  That means that even if someone is opted in to like or follow your page, they may never see what you post.


When you boost a post on Facebook, you can choose to simply target your fans, or your fans and their friends.  This is the simplest targeting option, but it’s a great way to jump-start your content.  As long as you’re creating relevant content, this can often be enough to get things moving.


Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content that gets genuine engagement.  If your fans actually see your content, then decide to engage with it, it’s even more likely that other people with similar profiles will also see it moving forward.


Boost a Post on Facebook to Expand Your Audience

Another key benefit of boosting a post on Facebook is the targeting available to you.  Facebook has an incredible amount of data on your target audience.  Even if they’re not following you yet, you can use Facebook’s targeting tools to get in front of them.


We walk through this in-depth in the video, but it’s very simple and intuitive.  Use tags like interests, demographics, job titles, and more to decide who exactly will see your ad.