Nobody is too old for TikTok in a quarantine

Desperate Times Create Desperate Thirty Somethings

A few months ago, it might have seemed like heresy to suggest the idea of downloading TikTok to someone over thirty.  Maybe even over twenty five would be pushing it.  But in a time when everyone is locked down in their homes, and looking for new outlets to stay entertained and distracted, TikTok seems to be gaining traction with a new audience.

Before we go any further…

If you’re a member of the audience who has heard of TikTok but doesn’t fully get it, or (gasp) has no idea what we’re talking about, we recommend this Vox Podcast as a primer.  They talk to some actual TikTok power users and give some helpful background on what the platform is, and what it isn’t.

TikTok is Not For Old People

According to most measures, the majority of TikTok users are Gen Z – and to hear it from the primary user base, they’d like to keep TikTok for the younger generation.  But times are changing, and as happens with any platform that gains popularity, it’s spreading to a wider audience.  TikTok saw 65 million new downloads in March – and anecdotal feedback indicates a lot of those new users are skewing a bit older.

The Right Content for the Right Channels…and Audience

While an older audience seems to be flocking to TikTok…but that doesn’t mean you need to follow them.

Before you rush out to create a TikTok account for your brand, or create a suite of ads for TikTok, try to put yourself in the shoes of the users first.  Yes, the engaged audience is there, and right now it’s even bigger and more engaged than ever.  But flooding a channel you don’t understand with content isn’t necessarily the right approach.

Take this time to get to know the channel better, and consider your target audience.  Also consider their state of mind as they browse through a dynamic, fun app like TikTok, and think about the type of content they actually want to see.  Pump the brakes for a second before you dive in head-first.

If you do decide to use TikTok – please make sure you’re creating content that makes sense for the channel.  This is not simply re-purposing the same stuff you’re posting on Instagram or Facebook.  It may be right for your brand, but only if the people making the content truly get the channel.

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