3 tools to help you with Facebook Ads

Boosting a post is easy, but face it Facebook ads can be insanely confusing. To help with this, we wanted to put together a quick list of tools that will help you get the most out of your social media marketing budget.

Big Spy

Want to see what your competition is running for ads? You can always take the long route and go to their Facebook page and figure it out for yourself, but Big Spy has a few more features that you’ll love. Not only can you look at a specific company but you check keywords and filter by location, objective, and even CTA’s
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First off, its pronounced connect-eye-oh. (You don’t want to start telling your boss about a new product and not know how to say it, right?)  Now to the good stuff. If you’re trying to expand your target audience, this tool will generate ideas for you to include in your audience. Just type in an “interested in” keyword and hit send. You’ll be given a bunch of topics to choose from that you can copy and paste right into Facebook Ads Manager
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Facebook Calculator

You think Facebook ads are a good idea. But are they? Wordstream’s Facebook calculator will give you insights into the percent of people that actually see your posts, how much it will cost to increase your reach, and a whole lot more
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