Hear It. See it. Experience it.


Let’s face it, there are A TON of marketing, social media, and small business conferences out there. But there’s one thing we’ve noticed after attending most of them; it’s the same people saying the same things without a lot of actionable takeaways.

That’s why we want to bring you something a little more action-oriented, casual, intimate, and of course fun. Hear inspiring stories from local entrepreneurs about how they got started. Sit down for a tactical workshop on how to grow your social presence.  Our goal is always to help and connect founders in the Boston area, so if you have an idea, we’re all ears!

Have a person you always wanted to hear speak or a topic you’d love to have broken down? Let us know! Events are only great if you absolutely love the content and atmosphere so your ideas are the most important! Fill out the form below to tell us who you want to hear from and what you want to learn about.