The right way to buy followers on Instagram

There is plenty of talk about the pitfalls of buying followers and likes on Instagram. Let’s face it, the thought of trying to see what $10 gets you for followers has at least crossed your mind a time or two. But then those articles that scare some sense into you to make you believe your account will be forever crushed for doing so.  That’s a good thing –  we witnessed it first hand from a local creator’s account and they are still trying to crawl out from the rock Instagram dropped on them over a year ago.

From the look of this tweet, Instagram is again trying to crack down on “inauthentic activity,” recognizing when an app on their negative list has had access to an account.

This isn’t anything new from Instagram, but it is the first time that someone has seen it directly in the back end code.

So if buying followers is clearly an issue, and pure organic growth takes way too long, what should you do? Simple. Buy a strategy. There’s not one right or wrong strategy and everyone wants to increase both their followers and engagement (that followers:engagement ratio is actually something Instagram looks at to make sure you’re not gaming the system) but by purchasing a strategy and/or working with a team you’re not breaking nay rules and you’re focusing on real growth.

In the end, the promise of more followers is a clear indicator that you shouldn’t be working with them. But  if the strategy is to get your account in front of the right people – go for it!

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