The engagement bait crackdown

Just about everyone has heard of click bait on Facebook but have you heard of engagement bait. It’s basically asking your followers on Facebook to like, share, comment, or tag a few hundred friends. (That’s also a quick way to get de-friended.) About two years ago, Facebook mentioned the fact that they are demoting individual posts. that deploy these tactics. (Can’t help but picture Zuckerberg sitting at his desk with a giant demote button.)

Since then, people have obvious found ways around this by putting these types of calls to actions in images and in video. But Facebook has finally caught up. They are now using even more AI to locate anyone or page that is doing this through audio and video.

More than just your post

It might seem like a harmless thing to try and see what actually happens but be sure to tread lightly. Not only could your post be demoted but your page’s organic reach could be crushed as well. Here’s what Facebook had to say about it:

Publishers and other businesses that use engagement bait tactics in their posts should expect their reach on these posts to decrease. Meanwhile, Pages that repeatedly share engagement bait posts will see more significant drops in reach.

A way around it?

If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying. Well, maybe it isn’t exactly cheating but there are a few things you can do to still ask your followers for likes.  One of them is through a chat bot.  Neil Patel put out a short how-to video that explains a free way to still ask your audience for likes without technically breaking the rules.

Good content always wins

While you could go out and search for another hack, the easiest thing would be to just create great stuff that people like. Oh, and do it often.

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